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Tight fade. #nofilter
Packing, finding old things… like this vest by #AliciaOrdal! #nightselfie
#glitch the #waves
Been way into stereo configuration records for a long time, thanks to Russell Haswell’s work, but now I think it’s time to start my own collection…
Good forms @nytimesfashion #skin_cell_couture #bio_tailoring #FASHiONZ
#tbt Later That Night
#tbt “DJing” at Rhinoceropolis with @thabitchprince in an incredible shirt with clear panels made for me by @addievuitton.
» Space-age Apparel


Shared by Sinnyo
Strange that we actually are living in the future; when I look at Tam’s loungewear, top right, I see a bat-winged hoody and leggings.

Jordan Schwartz, “Daytime Pit, Santa Monica Beach” (1982) from the great show of Southern Cali HxC photography up at Modified Arts in #Phoenix
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